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New Member to the Best Pest Team

Meet Richard. He is the newest to join the Best Pest Control Services team. Richard has 10 years of experience in the pest control industry. He has also worked in the construction field and brings that knowledge to every job he visits. Richard is married and has one son. He enjoys the local sports teams […]

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Those bugs are sneaky?

We recently came across an interesting scenario in one of our client’s homes. The client was finding bugs appearing by the dozens in their bedroom. The insect they were finding was identified as a bronze birch borer. This insect is not typically found inside of homes. They are a wood boring beetle found in birch […]

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Mouse Control IN Your Home

Are you dealing with mice in your home? This winter has been a terrible one, weather wise and rodent wise. Here is some helpful information and tips if you have been battling mice in your home this cold winter. Mice enter homes primarily looking for 2 things: a place to live and for food. The […]

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