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Helpful Hints for Rat Prevention

Rats have become an increasing problem for home and commercial accounts, especially in urban areas. Rats can be differentiated from their mice counterparts by their larger size and the size of their droppings (feces). Rats droppings are significantly larger than the droppings laid by mice. Mouse droppings are generally the size of a rice krispie […]

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Help! The Ants Are Coming!

Carpenter Ant Control It appears the warm weather is coming this week, hopefully to stay. With the warm weather comes one of the major pests for homeowners, Carpenter Ants. Carpenter ants are the biggest pest ant problem we have here in the Northeast. Carpenter ants are a problem because they are a structure damaging pest. […]

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Those bugs are sneaky?

We recently came across an interesting scenario in one of our client’s homes. The client was finding bugs appearing by the dozens in their bedroom. The insect they were finding was identified as a bronze birch borer. This insect is not typically found inside of homes. They are a wood boring beetle found in birch […]

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