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Pantry Pests

Indian Meal moths are a common pantry pest living & breeding in dry goods. Call Best Pest Control for help in dealing with this issue.

Indian Meal Moth

This moth is often called the ‘miller’s moth‘ and can be found flying around the house in most rooms, but primarily in the kitchen and pantry. It is one of the easiest stored insects to identify because the adults have a colorful appearance and the larvae a yellowish color and leave a silken webbing trail wherever they crawl. The newly emerged adults are bi-colored with copper & tan wings.

This pantry pest feeds most commonly on grain products such as flour, cereal, bird seed, pet food and nuts and dried fruits as well. It is our recommendation that you inspect all food products and dispose of infested or questionable items, clean the cabinets with a good cleaner and install & utilize one of our Indian Meal Moth Pheromone Traps to control this pest.

Clothes moth can be a dangerous pest to your belongings. Call Best Pest Control for help in dealing with these pests.

Full Grown clothes moths and larvae and other fabric pest moths have become a problem all over the United States. These moths are becoming a pest in homes, warehouses, retail stores, gift shops, museums and manufacturing facilities.

For proper control clean all fabric items, vacuum all areas of closets and storage areas and utilize our Webbing Clothes Moth Pheromone Traps.

Other Pantry Pests

There are a number of other Pantry Pests (Flour Beetles, Grain Beetles, Saw-toothed Grain Beetles) that can be controlled the same way as the Indian Meal Moth with proper cleaning and use of our Pantry Patrol Pheromone Trap.

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