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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant - Somerville Ant & Pest Control

Best Pest Control, Somerville’s Ant & Pest Control Experts, can help remove Carpenter Ants from your home or business.

Carpenter Ants are a nuisance by their presence when found in parts of the home such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other areas. When 20 or more large winged and/or wingless ants are found indoors, in the daytime near one location, it is possible that the colony is well established in the home and the nest may have been extended into sound wood, sometimes causing structural damage.

Carpenter Ants do not eat wood, but often excavate and remove quantities of wood to expand their nest size. However, if only a few wingless ants are erratically crawling on the interior, they may simply be foraging for food with the nest located on the exterior. Outdoors, they are frequently seen foraging on plants and tree trunks.

Checking for moisture problems, water leaks, eliminating wood & ground contact, trimming vegetation away from the structure and keeping the interior clean of food will help to control and/or prevent Carpenter Ants.

Control methods may include the application of baits, insecticide dusts, liquid residuals and flushing agents. It is our practice to limit the application of insecticides to the exterior and minimize applications on the interior.

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