Helpful Hints for Rat Prevention

Rats have become an increasing problem for home and commercial accounts, especially in urban areas.
Rats can be differentiated from their mice counterparts by their larger size and the size of their droppings (feces).
Rats droppings are significantly larger than the droppings laid by mice. Mouse droppings are generally the size of a rice krispie while rat droppings are closer to the size of a raisin.

Rats can enter buildings a variety of ways. They may enter through a hole or gap in the building’s foundation. They can fit under doors that are not properly sealed from the outside. Rats also live in the sewer system and may enter homes or businesses through open or cracked wastelines.

Many people in urban areas see rats traveling through their yards or exteriors of their properties. Rats are interested in 2 things, food and safe harborage areas. Property owners and resident should be sure to limit their access to food around the property by having trash cans made of thick heavy duty plastic and with lockable lids. Metal trash barrels work really well. The metal barrels and their covers are sometimes easily damaged with regular trash pick up and will cease to be able to close properly. To limit places in yards for rats to live try to refrain from storing items under porches and decks. Another helpful hint is to keep yards neatly trimmed and removed of any overgrowth. The overgrowth provides the rats with a safe area to travel through.

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