Help! The Ants Are Coming!

Carpenter Ants are a structure damaging insect.

Carpenter Ant Control

It appears the warm weather is coming this week, hopefully to stay. With the warm weather comes one of the major pests for homeowners, Carpenter Ants. Carpenter ants are the biggest pest ant problem we have here in the Northeast. Carpenter ants are a problem because they are a structure damaging pest. Carpenter ants get their name because they chew and excavate wood to house their ant nests. Carpenter ants are generally the medium to larger size black ants you find in your home. They are attracted to moisture damaged wood in the house. To begin Carpenter Ant parent colonies are found in trees, stumps, landscape timbers and other areas. Once the parent colony grows large enough they set up what we call satellite colonies in neighboring areas like your house. These satellite colonies may be located in one or more areas of your home.

Here are some areas to look for and prevent Carpenter Ants

  • Identify areas around the house where there may be moisture damaged wood. Carpenter Ants are attracted to moisture damaged wood because the wood easier to chew. Also, the humid conditions during warmer months provide great conditions for the breeding and growth of the colony.
  • Repair moisture damaged wood around the house. Also during repair resolve the reasons the wood became water damaged.
  • Keep trees, shrubs and bushes trimmed off of and away from house. This limits the ant’s access to the structure. It also will help provide more sunlight to allow the house to dry out. Ants also feed on aphids found on most vegetation. Keeping vegetation away from the house helps keep potential food sources out of reach.
  • Keep ivy and ground cover off of and away from house. Ivy and ground cover can be pretty invasive and begin to grow and separate shingles from the house providing easy access for ants into the structure.
  • Eliminate wood to ground contact. This will help limit the ants and even termites access into the structure. Also when the shingles and/or siding are in direct contact to the ground the wood can draw moisture up from the ground and create ideal conditions for ants.

Carpenter Ants are a structure damaging insect. It is important to protect your home against an infestation. If you need help please call (617-625-4850) or send us an e-mail using our contact form here on the website.