Those bugs are sneaky?

We recently came across an interesting scenario in one of our client’s homes. The client was finding bugs appearing by the dozens in their bedroom. The insect they were finding was identified as a bronze birch borer. This insect is not typically found inside of homes. They are a wood boring beetle found in birch trees. The client has 4 fireplaces including one in the bedroom where the beetles were found. Inside the gas fireplaces the client had placed decorative birch logs for a more authentic appearance. After inspecting the logs we found the small exit holes made by the beetles. The bronze birch borers swarm in the springtime and that is why they were finding them at this time of year.
Pests can enter homes a variety of ways. Some are easy to identify, some more difficult. The moral of the story is to always be aware of the items you bring into your home or business. You never know what or where sneaky insects may invade.