Mouse Control IN Your Home

Unwanted guests in your home this winter. Let us help.

Are you dealing with mice in your home? This winter has been a terrible one, weather wise and rodent wise. Here is some helpful information and tips if you have been battling mice in your home this cold winter.

Mice enter homes primarily looking for 2 things: a place to live and for food. The most common kinds of mice entering homes are the house mouse (gray in color) or the field mouse (brown with white bellies).

Mice are a problem in homes because they eat your food and leave their fecal material and urine where they travel, which can carry disease. They also reproduce at a rapid rate: they have 10-12 babies in each litter and can reproduce every 20-30 days.

In small infestations, traps are a possible means of control. If using traps, we recommend the use of the traditional snap trap. These will kill the mouse instantly and are the most effective. Glueboard or sticky traps are not as effective and are very inhumane. We recommend using peanut butter or chocolate as baits for the traps.

However, in moderate to heavy infestations the use of rodenticide baits and traps are necessary in gaining satisfactory control. If deciding to use store bought rodenticide baits, read and follow the product label’s directions and restrictions.

To control the mouse population in your home it is important to identify the areas the mice are traveling and to limit their access into and around the home. Due to their malleable spines they are able to fit their bodies through very tiny openings, about the size of a dime.

Removing and cleaning droppings is important. Their feces can carry disease including the hantavirus. It is important when cleaning up the droppings to wear a mask, wear gloves and to wet the droppings with a disinfectant and wipe the droppings up. Do not sweep or vacuum up droppings. If the particles from the droppings become airborne they can be breathed in where the greatest possible dangers exist.

If you have been battling a mouse issue and cannot get adequate control on your home lease, call Best Pest Control Services at 617-625-4850 or 781-641-4040 or fill out our contact form and we can help.